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i’m excited to share with you the fun tutorial that i created for my studio 5 segment on “decorating a safe kids room”. if you are visiting our site for the first time, welcome! we’re so glad you’re here! feel free to look around, leave comments, or ask questions.

this is project is no sew, and so quick! it’s a great for those who are loving the banner trend right now, but aren’t comfortable sewing.  plus, to make this project even more amazing, i have collaborated with the very talented jess kasteler of jess kasteler design studio to bring you two free downloadable iron-on templates! jess was the brains behind my branding redesign and i couldn’t love more how everything turned out. so she was my natural choice for this collaboration.

let’s get started! || no sew diy fabric banner

materials list:

  1. downloadable templates & ink jet iron-on transfer paper (download the be happy template here or the dream template here)
  2. 1/3 yard cotton quilting fabric (solid, light colored fabrics work best)
  3. medium or heavy weight fusible interfacing/backing
  4. eyelet pliers
  5. eyelets
  6. scissors
  7. rotary cutter or pinking shears
  8. cutting mat
  9. clear ruler
  10. iron & ironing board (not pictured)
  11. string, twine, or ribbon for hanging (not pictured)

optional materials (for use on patterned fabrics)

  • white fabric (slightly larger than iron-on graphic)
  • double-sided fusible tape || no sew diy fabric bannerdownload and print your template of choice onto printable iron-on transfer paper. cut out the template along the perimeter of the graphic. (tip: it’s better to cut off a little of the color than to leave “white”.) || no sew diy fabric bannerpress your fabric so that it is free of wrinkles and warm. this will help the transfer paper bond with the || no sew diy fabric banner(skip this step if you are using a solid, light colored fabric) press the white fabric so that it is wrinkle-free. then following the directions of your brand of transfer paper, press the iron-on to the white fabric. then cut to remove excess white || no sew diy fabric banner(skip this step if you are using a solid, light colored fabric) keep the transfer paper back on for this step and on the white fabric side apply double-side fusible tape. cut excess tape from perimeter and remove tape || no sew diy fabric bannerposition iron-on template, paper backing side up and press into place on fabric according to the directions on the iron-on printer paper || no sew diy fabric banner(tip: keep the iron-on paper back on for this step) flip fabric over so that the “wrong” side is face up. lay the fusible interfacing “shiny” or “adhesive side || no sew diy fabric bannerlightly press fusible interfacing, following the manufacturer’s directions for heat settings and process, and begin attaching interfacing to || no sew diy fabric bannerflip fabric over and make sure that the fabric side is still smooth. iron out any wrinkles and continue to press until interfacing and fabric have bonded. (awww…) (tip: take care to avoid edges where interfacing sticks out beyond the fabric since this side has the adhesive and you don’t want to damage your iron or fabric by ironing over the top of it. or trim excess interfacing before ironing on the fabric side.) || no sew diy fabric banneronce interfacing and fabric have attached properly, remove the paper backing from the iron-on graphic to reveal the || no sew diy fabric bannerdetermine the size and style of your banner and begin to trim off excess fabric. trim the || no sew diy fabric bannerthen trim the sides as || no sew diy fabric bannerfor this particular banner it wanted a rounded edge. i just used a glass mixing bowl as a guide for my rotary cutter to follow along. super high tech! haha! but you could do scallops, inverted-v ribbon, v-point, square, zig zag, the choices are endless! || no sew diy fabric bannerpause and admire your cute || no sew diy fabric bannernext, mark the placement of your eyelets. i liked how 5/8″ in and down looked, but the placement is pretty flexible and should be based on the way you’ll hang the banner in the || no sew diy fabric bannercenter the eyelet pliers over the eyelet placement mark and punch the hole for the || no sew diy fabric bannerplace eyelet in the hole, finished side on the “right” side of the fabric (see photos below) || no sew diy fabric || no sew diy fabric || no sew diy fabric banneruse eyelet pliers to crimp the eyelets in place. (tip: the pliers will face the opposite way that you punched, the narrow end will insert from the back of the eyelet.) || no sew diy fabric bannerrepeat steps until you have crimped all of the || no sew diy fabric bannerselect the type of ribbon, etc that you want to use to hang the || no sew diy fabric bannerattach and hang! here are some examples of different ways you could make these or materials to use to hang. || no sew diy fabric bannerbinder clips are a great alternative if you don’t own or wish to purchase eyelet pliers. once the binder clips are in place, remove the silver “handles” to give the banner a more finished look. i had some cotton string on hand that was the perfect shade of pink, however, i felt it looked to thin on its own. so i took six strands of it and braided it all together to create a thicker string. so easy and it adds an nice texture and detail to the || no sew diy fabric bannerso what do you think? pretty easy, huh? i had so much fun making them and i even have other ideas that have morphed out of this project that i am excited to try out. oh, and how cute would a monogram version be? such a great way to personalize a space! well, i hope you are equally inspired by this no sew diy fabric banner project. you can find some other examples of different styles and patterns on my instagram feed.

if you do make one, (or 2, or 12) please share! #myARDIdiy or shoot me an email with pics! xo


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