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i’m still working on transferring all of my old blog posts over from my old site, so let’s hop in my blogging time machine and take another look at this gem from 2012. be sure to note the lovely filter i used on these photos back when instagram filters were all the rage. ;)


here’s a little something i’ve been working on over the weekend. these letters are part of a series i’m designing for two young sisters that share a bedroom. after i first mapped out the layout of the letters (their initials) i knew that i would be utilizing some past inspiration in the project.

tip: the easiest way to customize a space is to personalize it with letters or monograms of your initials or first/last name. || custom edge tape diy


back when this painters tape challenge was issued i tried to think of some interesting uses for painters tape. the idea came to me in the shower: painters tape + freezer painter + scalloped edger (a gift from my mom) = scalloped tape!! (i was so excited!) i also used the same principle to create large polka dots. ok, that one was not super innovative since you can just buy dot stickers…but i didn’t have any on hand, so it was a useful improvisation.

also, i know everyone in the crafting world loves their x-acto knife…but i just can’t seem to get on that bandwagon. every few cuts you need a new blade, and i just can’t support a habit like that (haha). so for me, this was a painless way to achieve a “custom cut” shape without lifting a blade. hoo to the ray!

tip: if you’re using an edger, and therefore need a straight tape edge to follow use this trick. place the length of tape on the freezer paper and then glide your scissors along one edge of the tape to create an even edge to follow. this creates little waste and is much less time consuming than trying to line the tape up exactly with the edge of the freezer || custom edge tape diy


so for this project i also raided my moms punch collection (quite extensive) to see if there were any that would work for my “letter project”. i found this cute punch which i like to call scalloped dots (yes, yes, they are really flowers…but scalloped dots has such a pretty ring to it!) || custom edge tape diy


anyway, check out these homemade sticker dots. just peel off the freezer paper backing and you are good to go. then simply affix them to the areas you want to cover. || custom edge tape diy


for this particular letter i employed both the scalloped dots, large polka dots, and scalloped tape. i first painted the edges of the letter with gold paint, then organically arranged the scalloped dots on the face of the letter. || custom edge tape diy


next i painted over the tops of the scalloped dots and approximately 1″ beyond the edge of the stickers.

tip: to avoid bleed through, use a lightly loaded brush and several coats as opposed to a few thick coats. also, paint from on top of the “sticker” outward as to draw paint away from the edges of the sticker to minimize the opportunity for paint to get pushed underneath. || custom edge tape diy


after a few coats of gold paint, i carefully peeled back the scalloped dot stickers to reveal the pattern left behind. i then adhered the scalloped tape to the perimeter of the letter. || custom edge tape diy


after the entire edge was outlined in scalloped tape, i then placed the large polka dots over the top of the scalloped dot pattern.

tip: make sure to follow the paint instructions as to its cure time. wait the allotted time before placing a second layer of tape or dots. you don’t want your previous hard work to come off with the next sticker. || custom edge tape diy


then, making sure the scalloped tape and dots were firmly attached, i spray painted the entire letter white. || custom edge tape diy


here is a close up of the finished product. i especially love the edge (me + scallops = love forever). i also love polka dots and like the fact that this project pushed me to put my own spin on a classic. || custom edge tape diy


for this striped letter i used regular lengths of painters tape paired with the scalloped tape to jazz up a typical stripe application on the letter.

tip: placing tape at varied intervals will add interest and playfulness. placing tape in evenly distributed intervals will exhibit order and formality. 


and lastly, here is a peek at a portion of the final arrangement. || custom edge tape diy

what do you think of it so far? i hope that these tips and ideas have provided you with some inspiration for projects of your own. with all kinds of punches and fancy-edge scissors (and even x-acto knives), the possibilities are innumerable!

and i would love for you to share any of your painters tape projects with me too! xoxo

originally published november 26, 2012


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