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back in 2009 i heard about the world’s smallest post service for the first time. i was in awe of their minuscule letters and brown paper packages. they were definitely the inspiration for my tiny letter idea {though mine are on a much simpler scale}. for 30 days i left little “tiny posts” on the night stand for my husband. he loved them and i immediately noticed a difference in our attitudes and patience towards one another. plus it was fun for me to leave him little notes to let him know i was thinking about him and that i loved, and was grateful for him.

_ardi tiny post 1


so in the spirit of love and valentine’s day, i thought i would create a valentine’s day version of my little tiny posts for you to use to spread the love. whether you write them to your valentine, friend, family member, coworker, or child, they are a fun and thoughtful way to show someone you care. plus they are really cute and as easy as 1, 2, 3….4!

just download my tiny post pdf and start cutting.

tip: i like to leave a bit of the grey border around the closure flap {the pointy part} as it seems to add more depth and makes the envelope look more like a real envelope.

_ardi tiny post 2

i have found that i like to fold the flap down first, so that i have a good baseline for the next step. be sure to firmly crease the fold.

_ardi tiny post 3

next, take the bottom of the flat envelope and fold it up under the flap. crease this fold firmly as well.

finally, unfold the envelope and write your heart-felt message inside. fold it up when you are done writing your message and seal it a little glue, tape, or a cute mini sticker. then deliver your tiny post to the intended recipient.

_ardi tiny post 4

cute, right? this would also be a fun, easy, cheap, idea for kids to do for the class valentines at school. you could even make a version with a blue & red air mail border with “par avion” written on an angle. so many options…enjoy!

originally posted february 1, 2013


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